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Landscaping Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

Elevate the visual appeal and utility of your outdoor space with professional landscaping services from Backyard Brothers.

Enhance Your Backyard's Aesthetics & Functionality

An expertly designed landscape is a pivotal element in the transformation of your backyard into an inviting haven for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature. Beyond the significant boost in aesthetic appeal, thoughtfully planned and well-executed landscaping also delivers a range of functional advantages. From offering shade to reducing water runoff and even increasing your property value, the benefits of professional landscaping are multifold.

At Backyard Brothers, we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your vision, preferences, and specific needs. We create a landscaping plan that captures the essence of your unique style, harmonizes with your property's existing features, and enhances the functionality of your outdoor space. With our meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every element, from the choice of plants to the design of pathways, contributes towards creating an outdoor environment that you and your loved ones can truly cherish.

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Backyard Brothers Are Your Top Choice For Landscaping Services In DFW

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Backyard Brothers are renowned for their unmatched expertise in providing exceptional landscaping services. Our deep understanding of the local climate, soil types, and suitable vegetation, combined with our commitment to personalized service, sets us apart.

Every project we undertake reflects our adherence to the highest standards of quality, creativity, and sustainability. Our local knowledge and passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces make us the top choice for homeowners looking to transform their backyards into impressive landscapes that are a delight to experience throughout the year.

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Landscaping Created With Top-Quality Native Plants & Materials

Backyard Brothers are staunch advocates of utilizing top-tier materials and native plants for your landscaping projects. Our commitment to quality dictates our choice of materials – from durable stones for hardscaping to resilient native plants for xeriscaping to eco-friendly mulch for plant beds, every element is handpicked for its superiority and longevity.

Native plants are especially beneficial for landscaping in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, given their adaptability to the local climate and soil conditions. They offer better resistance to local pests, require less water and care, and provide a natural habitat for local wildlife, contributing to biodiversity. With a diverse selection of native plants, from vibrant Blue Agaves and Yuccas to lush Live Oaks and Redbuds, we enhance your garden's aesthetics while promoting a sustainable environment.

Why Choose Backyard Brothers For Landscaping Services In DFW?

Choosing Backyard Brothers means opting for a local business that genuinely understands the nuances of the DFW region. Our deep roots in the community, combined with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensure that you receive a landscaping service that is tailored to your requirements and surpasses your expectations.

Free On-Site Consultations

Family-Owned & Operated

Reliable Full-Time Staff

5-Year Craftsmanship Warranty

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Transform Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Oasis

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Our Process


Schedule Your Free Consultation

The first step to creating your dream landscape is to reach out to us either via phone or online. We will set up a convenient time for our experts to visit your property for a free consultation and estimate. We listen attentively to your ideas, inspect your property, and suggest design solutions that perfectly suit your needs and preferences.


We'll Create Your Estimate

Based on our consultation, we create a detailed estimate for your project. This includes everything from the design phase to the final installation, covering costs for plants, materials, labor, and any additional features you request. This transparent and comprehensive estimate provides a clear picture of the project timeline and cost.


You'll Receive Your Estimate

Once we finalize the details, we present you with the final estimate. At Backyard Brothers, we believe in open communication and are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience from start to finish.

With Backyard Brothers, you're partnering with the landscaping experts of DFW, committed to making your dream backyard a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of landscaping do you offer?

At Backyard Brothers, we offer a wide range of landscaping options to cater to diverse needs and preferences. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Native Landscaping: We specialize in creating beautiful landscapes using plants native to the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are adapted to dry conditions.
  • Xeriscaping: Xeriscaping can be both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, using drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation systems.
  • Zeroscaping: Zeroscaping is an even lower maintenance option where much of the landscape is covered with hard surfaces and desert-like features, like rocks and sand, along with a few hardy plants.
  • Traditional Landscaping: For those who prefer a more classic or formal garden, we can provide traditional landscaping options using a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs, complete with defined flower beds, pathways, and other features.
How long does a landscaping project take?

The duration of a landscaping project can vary widely depending on the scale and complexity of the work. After our initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeline.

Do you offer sustainable or eco-friendly landscaping solutions?

Yes, we do. We're committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are also environmentally friendly. This could involve using native plants, creating efficient irrigation systems, using organic fertilizers, artificial turf, and other sustainable practices.

What kind of maintenance will my new landscape require?

The level of maintenance required will depend on the type of plants used, the design of your landscape, and your personal preferences. Backyard Brothers can design a landscape that fits your lifestyle and provide guidance on how to maintain it. Whether you prefer a low-maintenance yard or a lush garden that requires more care, we can create a landscape that suits you.

Can you work with my existing outdoor features or plants?

Yes, we can certainly incorporate your existing outdoor features or plants into the new design. Our goal is to create a landscape that reflects your personal taste and complements your home, which can often involve blending new elements with the old.

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“Terrific company to work with, start to finish. Install team was very professional. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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“The team was a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, responsive and efficient. Their rates were competitive and they made the whole process so easy.”

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"Great service! Great Quality! Fence looks amazing! And a great price as well!"

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"This is a sincere and professional company that did everything right from my 1st appointment to installation. I would not recommend anyone else. I’m very happy!"

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"Super friendly staff from the sales to the owner to their installer great experience thank you!"

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Elevate Your Backyard Aesthetic With Professional Landscaping

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