Cedar fence with horizontal boards

Fence & Gate Installation In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Bring your space to life with a high-quality, long-lasting fence from Backyard Brothers.

For Added Security, Privacy, And Home Value

A top quality fence can truly transform your property and provide numerous benefits for you and your backyard. We install only the highest quality fences in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, using the best materials on the market. Whatever vision you have for the fence of your home, the Backyard Brothers can make it happen!

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Types Of Fences We Install

Fences from Backyard Brothers are the best solution for added security, privacy, and home value for homes in the DFW area. Learn more about the different types of fences we install below.

Cedar fence with horizontal boards

Cedar Wood Fences

Western red cedar fences are popular in the DFW area due to their timeless style and natural weather resistance.  With a number of board-on-board fence styles, options, and stain colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a wood fence that immaculately accentuates the style of your home.

Features & Benefits

Economical Option

In general, wood fences are a more cost-effective option compared to other fencing materials.

High-Quality Western Red Cedar

At Backyard Brothers, we use only Level 1 or 2 Western Red Cedar, one of the most stable woods available.

Durability & Longevity

When properly cared for, it’s common for our high-quality cedar fences to withstand 20+ years of weather in the DFW area.

Natural Resistance

The cedar wood options for our fences are naturally resistant to moisture and decay, as well as insects, so you don’t have to worry about termites.

Pet-Friendly Options

Additionally, for those with furry friends, our cedar fences can be customized to include a door or window for your pet.

No Chemical Treatments

For the cherry on top, our cedar wood fences are entirely natural, with no chemical treatment whatsoever.

Stain Options

Clear glow stain option
Clear Glow
Cedar tone stain option
Cedar Tone
Leatherwood stain option
Redwood stain option
Oxford brown stain option
Oxford Brown
Chestnut stain option
Black walnut stain option
Black Walnut

Customizable Options

Fencing Icon

Different styles and colors to choose from, including Box Posts and Decorative Corbals.

paint brush color icon

Enhance fence appearance, longevity, and durability with multiple stain options.

hardware icon

Hardware that best matches the style of your home.

decorative options icon

Custom openings to match other decorative options.

Fencing Services in Dallas-Fort Worth
Iron fence

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are known for being durable, long-lasting, and an excellent choice to improve security. At Backyard Brothers, our iron fences exist to improve the security and safety of homes while adding a distinct layer of decorative beauty to your home.

Features & Benefits

An Investment That Makes Sense

Wrought iron fences are one of the more expensive fencing materials, but for good reason as they provide much more security than alternatives.

Little to No Maintenance Required

They’re high-quality, durable, and require little to no maintenance.

Protective & Spacious

At Backyard Brothers, our wrought iron fences offer a protective enclosure with a spacious feel.

Popular Choice for HOAs

Additionally, wrought iron fences are a popular choice for HOAs, especially around pools, meaning you may be required to use wrought iron fencing depending on where you live.

Fully Customizable & Pet Options

At Backyard Brothers, our wrought iron fences can be fully customized to include a window to a gate, a pet door, or even to make the posts more narrow to keep pets in and pests out.

Customizable Options

Iron fencing icon

Different styles and colors to choose from, including a flat top or crest point tops.

ornamental iron icon

Ornamental features and enhancements to choose from, including pet windows and rail attachments.

House with a pool and iron fence around it
Metal Driveway Gate installation in DFW

Custom-Made Gates

Renowned for their adaptability and aesthetic appeal, custom gates are a specialty of Backyard Brothers. Our gates, fashioned from either wood or iron, are tailored to echo the style of any fence, accentuating the charm of your home while enhancing security. Fence gates from Backyard Brothers are perfect for driveways, alleys, or side yards.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Curb Appeal

With our custom gates, the first impression of your home is enhanced, adding both aesthetic appeal and value.

Added Security

Our custom gates provide an additional layer of security to your home, contributing to a safer living environment.

Versatility In Material

Our custom gates can be crafted from either wood or iron, enabling a seamless match with your existing fencing material for a cohesive look.

Ease of Access

Designed for convenience, these gates allow easy access for both individuals and vehicles, improving the functionality of your outdoor space.

Customizable Options

If you're seeking a gate solution that fuses style and security seamlessly, the tailor-made gates from Backyard Brothers are your optimal choice.

paint brush color icon

Choose from a broad range of styles and colors, ensuring your gate is a perfect fit for your property's aesthetic.

Pet options icon

Opt for unique enhancements to personalize your gate, such as pet passages or decorative attachments, aligning with the rest of your fencing design.

Cedar fence with a gate

Why Choose Backyard Brothers?

Backyard Brothers strives to provide the highest quality exterior home improvement products paired with unmatched customer service, just like we do at Blinds Brothers. We know the importance of supporting local businesses for residents of the DFW area, which is why we want to continue giving residents of the area options to buy local when it comes to home improvement. For over 25 years, the residents of DFW have trusted our team to install blinds, shutters, shades, and more. Now, we offer the same top-notch service that we did for blinds with fences and other outdoor home improvement products. We’ll even help through the permitting and HOA process on behalf of you and your home. Experience the Backyard Brothers difference when you choose to work with us and our team of backyard experts.

Free On-Site Consultations

Family-Owned & Operated

Reliable Full-Time Staff

5-Year Craftsmanship Warranty

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Our Process


Give Us A Call

Reach out to the team at Backyard Brothers and we’ll get to work gathering all the details of your project. Where you’re looking to install a fence, what you’re looking to accomplish with the fence, and more will be discussed when you first reach out to us.


Get A Free Estimate

Once we’ve got all the information we need, we’ll come to your home and take the necessary measurements. Shortly after our team comes to your home, you’ll receive an all-inclusive estimate, including demolition and haul-off, which is not typically included in fence installation.


We’ll Install Your
New Fence

Once you’ve agreed to the price and terms set forth in the estimate, we’ll get to work installing your fence. It typically only takes one to three days for our backyard experts to install a fence, but this process may be longer due to the permitting process and HOA agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fences does Backyard Brothers install?

Backyard Brothers specializes in the installation of Cedar wood and wrought iron fences, offering a blend of durability, style, and functionality.

Does Backyard Brothers help with permitting & HOAs?

Yes! As a full-service fencing installation company, we help with all aspects of fence installation. From pulling the permits for the city to talking to the HOA of the neighborhood, Backyard Brothers has got you covered.

Are there different colors and styles to choose from for my new fence?

Each of our fence types includes a number of styles and color options to choose from. With a new fence installation from Backyard Bros, you can fully customize your fence to fit the looks of your home.

How long does a new fence installation take?

For the most part, the Backyard Bros can install a new fence from start to finish within just 3 business days. But, in some cases, HOAs and permitting processes can extend the fence installation process to a week or more. How long it will take is largely based on the size of the area you’re looking to build, as well as the willingness of your HOA to cooperate.

Are there any warranties on Backyard Brothers fences?

Yes! At The Backyard Bros, we stand by all of our work with a 5-year craftsmanship warranty. If anything is wrong with the installation of your fence, we’ll come back to your property to make it right.

What is included in your all-inclusive estimate for fence installation?

Our all-inclusive estimate for fence installation encompasses all aspects of the project. This includes the cost of materials, labor, demolition of any existing fencing, and haul-off or disposal of the old fencing material. We also factor in any potential charges associated with securing permits or navigating HOA requirements. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive quote that presents the total cost without any hidden fees or surprises.

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“The team was a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, responsive and efficient. Their rates were competitive and they made the whole process so easy.”

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"Great service! Great Quality! Fence looks amazing! And a great price as well!"

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"This is a sincere and professional company that did everything right from my 1st appointment to installation. I would not recommend anyone else. I’m very happy!"

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